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Extensive information about the indexing business can be found here (a separate associated website.) The business also has its own URL twinoaksindexing.com.

Twin Oaks Indexing is a collective of individuals trained to create a clean and thorough back-of-book index within your budget, time, and space limitations. Each of us owns an equal part of the business, so all of us take great care to make every project exemplary of our highest professionalism. Because there are several of us here, one of us is almost always available to take on a new index and meet your deadline.

Through the years we have redeveloped our processes to incorporate advancements in indexing technology. Twenty-five years ago, we used physical index cards and word processors; it is now common practice for us to receive manuscripts and send your completed index electronically for quickest turnaround time. Now as ever, we follow current Chicago style guidelines.

In addition to indexing services, we provide proofreading skills at no extra charge: reading your manuscript with a fresh eye, we often catch potentially embarrassing errors before final printing. We have a strong working relationship with a number of renowned publishing houses. If you are an author looking to complete this last stage in your book's production, save yourself the headache and leave it to us.