Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Twin Oaks is often seeking new members.

Our Visitor Program is offered throughout the year and anyone wanting to visit is welcome to apply. We sometimes have immediate openings for membership, and we sometimes have a Waiting List. This varies over time and is unfortunately impossible to predict for a given time. If there is a Waiting List, we can also make suggestions of other communities to visit.

Since Twin Oaks began in 1967, our lifestyle has reflected our values of equality and nonviolence. Our goals have been to sustain and expand a community which values cooperation; which is not sexist or racist; which treats people in a caring and fair manner; and which provides for the basic needs of our members. Although our original inspiration came from B.F. Skinner's novel, Walden Two, it is now just one of the many influences which have helped shape Twin Oaks' character. Our desire to be a model social system has broadened to include human-scale solutions to problems of land use, food production, energy conservation, and appropriate use of technology.