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As of 2016 our news stories are now appearing only on our public Facebook page.

Xian with help from Purl built this replacement fuel wood shed behind ZK.

New ZK woodshed

We are now using whey from the Tofu business to irrigate-fertilize our fields.

Irrigate with whey


Woodshop scrap bins painted up nice to identify what goes in which bin.

Art meets practical

[Posted 4/4/2012.]

As part of earthquake repairs in Tupelo utility room we chose to replace our 25 year old steel solar hot water tanks.

Tupelo solar remake

FEMA and the quake. As a follow-up to the Earthquake, we've had two visits from FEMA. They came out to assess the damage done and to determine if we were eligible for relief funds for finishing repairing damages our buildings suffered from the earthquake. Their most recent decision is that we are not eligible, since we are not individual home-owners. [Posted 2/16/2012.]

Fire at East Wind. Our sister community in Missouri, East Wind, recently had their biggest and newest building burn down. No one was hurt, but they are still recovering from the experience. Read more here. [Posted 2/16/2012.]

Vegan in Community: a recent visitor wrote about her time at Twin Oaks on a DC-based vegan blog. [Posted 10/20/2011.]

Hurricane Irene came through on the weekend following the quake but thankfully did no damage here. Electrical power was out overnight, and our fancy T1 internet connection was down for days following that. [Posted 9/5/2011.]

August 23 Earthquake (then a hurricane a week later)! Twin Oaks was hit pretty hard by a powerful 5.8 quake — we were less than 4 miles from the epicenter. There was a tremendously loud thundering noise, and buildings shook extremely forcefully for 20 or 30 seconds. Most bedrooms and public spaces got a thick carpet of debris — books, clothing, food, furniture, bookshelves, broken glass, layered so thick that you couldn't see the floor in many spaces.