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So i'll will be short. I have just two things to say:

First, they will lie to you [point to the plant]. They will tell you it is safe - there will be accidents. They will tell you it is healthy - your children will get cancer. They will tell you it is clean - it is dirtier than brown coal. They will tell you it will create jobs - most of the jobs will go to western companies like Siemens. They will tell you it is good for the economy - nuclear power is the most expensive power in use today, it will hurt the economy. They will tell you it is the only choice - you have lots of other possibilities, cogeneration, hydro, wind, natural gas and more. They will tell you they can control it -they told us that also in the US - they announced last month there are more than 45,000 uncontrolled radioactive contanminated areas in the US - they can't control it. Millions of crowns will be spent to tell lies to your children in schools and on tv and radio. They will lie because they will make a tremendous amount of money if they lie to you and you believe them. Don't believe them.

But there is another thing i want to tell you:

You can stop it. In the US, England, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Austria, UK, Sweden - people just like you have gotten together and stopped any new plants from being ordered in their countries. People got together and protested, just like this action today. Carrying the same smiling sun banners and buttons you are wearing, but in their langugage. Sometimes small groups, sometimes large groups - but they kept doing it until the leaders saw the problems with nuclear power and stopped it. The nuclear industry is dying in the west. The industries only hope is to start construction in East Europe. There only hope is to fool you - don't be fooled.

Ask yourself this question "If nuclear power is so wonderful, why has every country in west Europe, except France, stopped ordering new plants, since even before the Chernobyl accident?" "Why is Siemens, a German company, buying up Skoda so it can build plants here, when the Germans won't let them build plants in Germany?"

Today, we must send our message loud and clear "We are tired of the lies and we can stop this nuclear madness - we will stop this nuclear madness."

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