Stephen J. Bloom's Online WorldSteve

Hi.  My name is Stephen J. Bloom, but my friends call me Steve.  I am looking for good people to share my life with.  Below are some of my criteria.

  • 3-7 people
  • some shared meals
  • shared expenses (not necessarily egalitarian, but preferred)
  • prefer vegetarians
  • open communication, whereby we'd check in each day and share how we're doing, feeling, our concerns, insights, dreams, etc.
  • want to purchase property (build home, if land already owned) with others
  • prefer a warm, tropical climate near ocean
  • am open-minded except when it comes to Bushites, rabid republicans , or right-wingers (do not contact me if you are)
  • prefer progressive people who tread lightly on the earth, and have some political conscience (you realize how the US government/corporations exploit people all over this universe, and rapes the earth's natural resources
  • prefer fun-loving people who like to play, laugh, and dance, and who take time to do so each day, keeping our spirit alive and vibrant
  • am open to straight, queer, or bi- sexualities (most sexual lifestyle preferences are fine with me), and any ethnic background
  • prefer living with people for whom drugs and alcohol are not an integral part of one's life, though I don't find occasional use bothersome
  • children are welcome, and will accept a limited number of pets
  • prefer to grow as much of our own food so as not to be dependent on mass production from big business
  • prefer to establish good rapport with the locals in the larger community (towns, villages, other intentional communities, etc.)

Hopefully, we can create a working existence that allows us all to share whatever income we receive, sharing according to one's basic need.  The main thing that I want is to live with people who strive to be loving, caring, and supportive of one another, to heal the human soul and spirit.

A bit about me:

I currently live at Twin Oaks Community [] in rural north-central Virginia.  I am a freewheeling spirit who loves to travel and meet the world.

I am hoping to relocate and make a significant life change within the next two years.

Please email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.