Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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meals of homegrown food
eaten with friends



We ask for a basic honorarium of $200 per day (see footnote), plus travel expenses, accommodations, and something to eat. We often stay in professor’s houses (and cool students are fine as well), talking late into the night about philosophy, politics, and pop culture (we are great conversationalists – and modest too!). We don’t mind sleeping on couches or in luxurious waterbeds. We are content eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, homemade lasagna, sushi, or cafeteria food.

If we’ve sparked your interest, please contact us.

Other Resources

You can also find out more about us on this website: http://www.twinoakscommunity.org. Find more information about intentional communities in general at http://www.ic.org.

Twin Oaks is the subject of 3 major books:

Is It Utopia Yet?
Kat Kinkade (1995)

Living the Dream
Ingrid Komar (1983)

A Walden Two Experiment
Kat Kinkade (1973)

The first two books and other community resources are available through the Community Bookshelf, sponsored by the Fellowship for Intentional Community. The third book is out of print.

"Kate made a substantial contribution to students' awareness of alternative lifestyles, and presented it with the passion that only one that enjoys the experience can have."

Artimus Keiffer
Department of Geography
Wittenberg University


Footnote: $200 is a flexible amount. We can take less per day if we are staying for several days or are able to make arrangements with other schools in the region. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if finances are a concern – we are open to barter or other negotiations!